The concept of Learn it Solutions was formed in 1999 with one purpose: to make people better at what they need to do. Along the way, we developed an engaging process that provides simple, relevant, and memorable learning experiences that elevate confidence and performance.

We then transformed this idea into a platform that seamlessly blends learning content and learning management into a resource that is easy to use and affordable because there is nothing to install and no hardware to buy.

Learn it Solutions has proudly provided online training and education to hundreds of thousands of learners around the world.


You can learn more by watching someone tile a floor than you can by reading about it.

Common sense? Not if you take a look at most online training.

Our approach to online training is different because we've always known that creating a short and focused video that is simple, relevant, and memorable is a highly effective way to get people to understand a lesson. We then add in some challenging quiz questions, feedback reinforcement, and some brain science to make sure the training sticks to the brain. It's like using Velcro®.
What makes engaging video scenarios better is the fact that they can be replayed with precise consistency over and over until the learner gets it. Once the visual Velcro® is secure, it's easier to find and put into use later. Pretty cool!


Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our expertise is in learning design, multimedia production, and learning technologies. We incorporate these strengths into a process and product that is designed to produce an exceptional learning experience that elevate confidence, performance, and profits.

Learn it Solutions is a business unit within the Verisk Analytics family of companies.