Not All Online Training Is The Same

Start with a design based on learning science and research that guarantees engagement and participation. Then build mini lessons that individually teach a concept and collectively teach a skill or change an attitude. Incorporate a patented process that adds dynamic video scenarios and intelligently placed decision points. Add in text for non-visual learners that summarized each lesson. Finally, provide consistent reinforcement of the key points and a challenging review that result in comprehension of the course material.

This is how you increase confidence and performance.

Standard Courses

We offer a variety of scenario-based courses that are designed to challenge, educate and reinforce industry accepted best practices.

Participants will enjoy a multi-sensory learning experience that will increase the value of your current training strategy while reducing your expenses and potential liability.

Course progress and test results are stored in our version of an LMS that we call a Campus. Administrators can easily access reports, statistics, and learner transcripts to validate participation and compliance to standards.

These are some of the industries we've covered:

  • Retail Loss Prevention / Asset Protection
  • Retail Associate & Management
  • Workplace Safety
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Professional Driver Safety
  • Non-Professional Driver Safety
  • Emergency Vehicle Driving Safety

Meet Our Content Experts

Collaboration with industry leaders and experts have enabled us to apply our expertise in instructional design, multimedia production, and learning technologies to create an impressive collection of course content.
Content Experts

To request more information on our Content Experts or for forming a strategic alliance,

A Better Process, A Better Brain.

Learning Design

Expert designers can create exceptional learning experiences.

Strategic Development

Consultation services can enhance your learning strategy.

Content Scripting

Writers can connect existing content to the right audience.

Cloud-based Programming

Scalable, flexible, and accessible are a few of our favorite things.

Studio & On Location Filming

Professional facilities, talent, and staff will add the magic.

Creative Video Editing

Your message will entertain, inform, educate, and amaze.

What Our Learners Are Saying:

Custom Courses

Our team will work with your team to build the most effective course curriculum to supplement your training strategy. Creative flexibility lets us consider your learning requirements, your available technology, and of course, your budget.
  • Convert existing video
  • Transform policy and procedure
  • Partner with SMEs
  • Create original lessons

These are some of the companies that we've helped:

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